A word from E.O.

I am very grateful to be at a place like HART, without which, I don’t know how I could have sorted my life out.  Even the smallest mishap being able to cause a great deal of distress to sufferers like myself.

Hart is a valued source where sufferers like myself can access the following.
Access to medical information and developments
A point of reference where sufferers can meet and discuss treatments and how to cope with these life changes
Be of sympathy and encouragement to one another.
Peer Support
A point of reference to have issues discussed and addressed
Counselling and education awareness
Boosting my self-confidence and self-esteem as opposed to staying at home alone
Community discussions
Debt counselling and advice
Therapy at affordable prices
A place of peace and quiet to ponder containing the illness through various media seminars offered from time to time
A valued point of reference outside the confines of the GPs and Hospital s

I would like to add that, not everyone is like myself, some have varying mental and physical problems, not our fault, but a consequence and side effects from medication that we have to take to manage our condition.  We have to manage as a group at HART instead of going alone.

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