A word from B

When I first walked through the front door of HART I was very apprehensive, to say the least, scared and feeling very vulnerable, but I was soon put at ease after meeting staff.  I was given so much understanding, care, guidance and support at such a crucial time in my life.
I knew then I would be ok and, given time, my life would be transformed, instead of having the face the dark unknown, and facing such a tragedy alone.
Although HART is a registered charity, but to everyone involved here, it is a home from home, where an understanding family come together as one and everyone supports everyone else for whatever reason and in any which way.  My sincere thanks and admiration to go staff and volunteers, who work tirelessly on a daily basis.  They do not seek recognition, they work with such empathy, giving professional valuable guidance and support.  For every member they go out of their way to ease and help their worries and needs, and to make that difference.  They should be highly commented, as HART is a life line given to such vulnerable members, who unfortunately suffer from this life threatening illness.
I do not even want to imaging if this home was taken away with such a terrible impact it would have on everyone but the devastating consequences it would create.    Thank you

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